About the Journal

Jurnal SISKOM-KB (Sistem Komputer dan Kecerdasan Buatan) is a journal managed and published by the LPPM office of Tanri Abeng University and compiled by program study of Informatics Engineering And program study of Information System, under Faculty of Engineering And Technology Tanri Abeng University. Journal of SISKOM-KB is published for lecturers and researchers who have scientific works related to the topic of computer systems in general and computer systems that use artificial intelligence algorithms. The SISKOM-KB journal is a periodical journal that will be published tthree time a year in the February, May and September editions. Going forward, we hope the journal of SISKOM-KB will be able to reach more readers and contributors.

Research topics include

Informatics Engineering, Information System and Electrical Engineering. Some of the multi-disciplinary sciences include:
1. Computer System
2. Computer Communication & Networking
3. Embedded System
4. Artificial Intelligent & Machine Learning
5. Software Engineering
6. Image & Signal Processing
7. Electrical Engineering
8. Application Tracks: Bioinformatics, E-Business, Information System, Biomedical Engineering