Business Strategy Recommendation for Permata 68 Minimarket in New Normal Regulation


  • Aryo Indra Djati Program Studi Manajemen School of Management and Leadership TANRI ABENG UNIVERSITY



Business Strategy, Minimarket, New Normal


Retail consumption business, especially for mini market industry, its market share is very huge. Base on Association of Indonesian Retail Entreprenuer, for 2017, 2018, & 2019 value of national sales on modern retail is around Rp.212 Trillion, Rp.233 Trillion & Rp.270 Trillion. But the situation in 2020 is very difference due to new normal policy caused by the pandemic Covid-19. Indonesia Government implemented social and physical distancing or in Bahasa called by Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besar (PSBB). Many activities should be performed from home, like working, scholl activities, and worship. But for business activites like minimarket that provide daily needs is still allow to open but with new protocols of new normal policy.
Due that PSBB policy, mini market industry is very competitive. There are big players who are leaders in the market such as Alfamart and Indomaret. Permata 68 minimarket is located at the main road not far from Halim Perdanakusuma Airport at East Jakarta. Permata 68 as a retail store with concept like minimarket that sell daily needs of household remain survive for last 14 years because have many customers who come from around store that very loyal and many of them are already shop since Permata 68 exist. Around its store are crowded civilian village and military housing complex. Direct competitor of Permata 68 is an Indomart store which is about 0,5 km from Permata 68 that existed since year 2013 and an Alfamart store which is about 0,4 km from Permata 68 that already existed since year 2010.
Now competition between Permata 68 and big player in mini market industry more tighten. In order to win and sustain in a new normal policy, Permata 68 should have a strategy to win the battle of business competition of mini market and make good strategy to compete. Research in this research is set base on unclear business strategy of Permata 68. Shareholders is not pay attention about business strategy compare with direct competition with big player whom very aggressive to adapt with new normal policy. Permata 68 needs to make new strategy effectively by assessing the external and internal environmental situation. The result would to achieve is the effective and focused recommendation business strategy at the end of this research.