The impact of Leaders Competence towards Customer Satisfaction through Employee’s Performance in The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta


  • Dedi Rrianto Dahadi President University
  • Suteddy Yusup President University



leaders, competence, employee's performance, customer satisfaction


This research paper aims to find out the relationship between leaders’ competence and employees’ performance towards customer satisfaction. This paper's main objective is to find out how employees perform towards customers. If the employee's performance is good, it will result in customer satisfaction. Surveys can be done to obtain the result of employee performance by phone interview to customers and with google form for primary source. On the other hand, for secondary sources, it will be gathered through online platforms such as pagoda, Traveloka and Moreover, the acquired results will be analysed and measured by the customer satisfaction reviews and the survey given to employees at hotels to give grades to their leaders according to their department to show and explain whether the leaders have the competency to lead their employees and ensure a good conduct to customers.